Core Drilling

Core Drilling in Melbourne

Concrete Core Drilling can be performed both horizontally and vertically through concrete slabs. Used regularly in applications requiring circular cut-outs at precise diameters and depths, core drills are ideal for both interior and exterior drilling projects, as they produce no dust, fumes, and have very low noise output.

Core Drilling Concrete Services

We can core drill all diameter sizes to unlimited depths within your specific job application. Great for lending services through engineering installations, electrical, plumbing work and other building services.

To facilitate with the different tasks required for core drilling services, there are a number of different types that we can provide.

Reliable Core Drilling Melbourne

We can provide core drilling services when particular circular holes are required to be cut on various applications. Our drills are capable of drilling holes of any size and depth.

Celtic Cut & Core have a range of core drilling machines to undertake all types of drilling tasks, including handheld or hydraulic powered machines.

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core drilling services

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