Hand Sawing

Hand Sawing in Melbourne

Our hand sawing services at Celtic Cut & Core are perfect for projects where relatively thin surfaces are involved. The hand held powered saw provides portability, accessibility, and speed on sites.

Concrete Hand Sawing Services

Typical sawing applications include:

  • Formation of new doorways and windows
  • Expansion cutting into new concrete
  • Demolition cutting of walls and floors
  • Penetrations for service ducts
  • Creating openings for electrical and plumbing services
  • Sawing concrete pipe to length
  • Cutting in Confined Spaces (using hydraulic or electric equipment)
  • Creating openings in reinforced concrete floors where access is restricted (ie Riser Cupboards)
  • Hand sawing to reach inaccessible areas
  • Cutting or Widening Expansion Joints
  • Removal of existing overhangs and soffits
  • Cutting/Extending existing openings in floors where access is restricted
  • Precise trimming
  • Concrete Cutting Services

For all hand sawing services give Celtic Cut & Core a call today.

hand sawing in melbourne

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